Love Diary

The passion you have stirred in my spirit are more varied than the brilliant hues glowing as the evening sunsets… An internal inferno blazes in the deepest recesses of my soul… Kindled by the harmonious music of your precious voice falling upon my eager ears in you, I found myself.. A person I never knew existed, a person you set free by your empowering love.. In you, I am complete! our oneness is perfection.. An unquenchable thirst in my soul is drenched by your love.. In you I find my freedom, Independence in my dependence upon you.. I am a captive held by the bonds of your overpowering love… Yet, in that captivity are wings to fly high into the heavens of exquisite delight.. In you I find everything, without you I am lost. And so it is just like you said it would be, life goes easy on me most of the time and so it is the words I cannot proclaim! So it is the shorter story.. No love, No glory, No me in your sky…

Love Lots,

Marissesun above cloud


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