Seven Minutes In Heaven

” 7 Minutes In Heaven ”


Risse Casley really had no idea as to what she was doing in there. She really should have just left. She didn’t belong in there. She didn’t belong anywhere near him. Just being near him was giving her butterflies in her stomach and making her palms sweat. She wiped her hands on her jeans, chewing on her lower lip nervously. He stood in front of her, his hands in his pockets and the black blindfold tied tightly around his head, preventing him from seeing who was in the closet with him. She should just leave. It was really the best, and only, option she had. She didn’t even understand why she had gone in there in the first place. She was never one to act on impulse. Everything in her life had been methodically planned out for herself by herself. So why exactly she was standing on a closet with none other than Drew Nobles was completely beyond her.

It was his nineteenth birthday and some of Drew’s friends were throwing him a party with most of the college invited. It was loud and crowded and out of control and normally, Risse would have put as much distance between herself and dozens of her drunken classmates as possible but that night, she found she couldn’t stay away. For once in her life, she had felt brave. It was Drew’s birthday, Drew Nobles. This was the boy she had a crush on since her first day of sophomore year and she saw him surrounded by his friends and girls vying for his attention. He was gorgeous with his straight black hair and sexy brown eyes she had ever seen. He was also a sophomore and he was one of the most popular boys in the school. He was in with the typical jock/popular clique and though Risse shared no classes with him, she still admired him from afar in the hallways. Risse never would have thought that she would be the kind of girl who became infatuated with the boy who didn’t even know she existed. She was just another face in the crowd to him.

She wasn’t even sure why she liked him. Plus, Drew didn’t even know her. She had never exchanged a single word with him. They had never shared one of those typical clichéd romance story moments when their eyes locked on one another through the crowded cafeteria. No. Drew and Risse were in two completely different worlds. His consisted of soccer games and parties every weekend. Hers consisted of art classes, choir practices and watching movies with her friends every Saturday night. Risse tried to tell herself that liking Drew Nobles, letting her stomach knot every time she saw him in the hallways, blushing when daydreaming about him, was just completely ridiculous. She tried to shake herself out of it. But no matter what she told herself, nothing worked. She went to soccer games to cheer him on with the rest of the student body. Her eyes always sought him out during their lunch period. That one time of the day they were in the same room together. She had it bad for him and she wished that there was a way, to just move on past him or do something about it.

Her sophomore year of college ended and she had spent the summer with her aunt and uncle in Santa Barbara as she took art classes at the local community college. She had improved on her sketching and came back to school for her junior year in high spirits. She had thought of Drew, yes, over the summer but not nearly as obsessively as she used to. Perhaps distance from him was what she had needed because although she still did have an unfathomable crush on him, she was beginning to admit to herself that nothing was ever going to come of it. Especially, not this year since he was a junior. and rabid junior/senior girls would surely kill each other just to get him as a potential boyfriend. .

Of course, for Risse Casley, nothing could ever remain simple. It was October and though Drew’s birthday was still two weeks away, word of the party his friends was throwing for him was quickly spreading throughout the school. It was one of the few times when anyone was invited, no matter who they were on the social totem pole. Risse had heard of it like everyone else but she wasn’t sure if she was going to. Parties really weren’t her thing. And there were going to be so many people there – all there for him. Even if she had the courage to walk up to him and wish him a ‘Happy Birthday’ which she already knew she wouldn’t be able to, he would be surrounded by party crazies all night and her well-wishes would be lost amongst everyone else’s.

It was almost five o’clock and the hallways were deserted. Risse had stayed late, finishing up one of her drawings that would be featured in the school’s art show in a few weeks. This was the first time her work would be on display and she was nervous to say the least. Her footsteps echoed in the hollow hallway as she hugged her sketchpad filled with her precious drawings close to her chest. She needed to get her jacket and bag from her locker before heading home. It was Tuesday which meant that her mother was going to be at her cooking class and for her and her father that meant carry-out.  She had a taste for Chinese. maybe pizza. Perhaps

She wasn’t paying attention and her body collided with another. Both fell back and Risse gasped as her sketches flew from the tablet pad, dancing in the air like snowflakes before flittering down to the floor. She didn’t look at who she had run into. All she cared about was saving her precious sketches before anything could happen to them.

“Shit, I’m so sorry,” the person she had collided with was also on his hands and knees, trying to help her gather all of the sheets of paper. Risse froze and she lifted her head slowly, almost dreading to see who was kneeling in front of her. But she recognized the voice and when her dark brown eyes met his deep brown ones, she felt as if someone had kicked her in the stomach. None other than Drew Nobles was there, right in front of her, his face just a few inches away from hers. And he was staring at her. His eyes were so intently focused on her that she felt her heart actually stop within her chest. She couldn’t help it. She gasped softly then scurried to her feet, her drawings shoved into the sketchpad, and she crushed it to her chest again as if it was the only real thing in her world at the moment that would keep her from fainting. Drew stood up as well, his eyes never leaving her. No one had ever stared at her like that before and although this was Drew staring at her like that. Risse wished that he would stop. Her stomach was knotting itself painfully and she still was having difficulty breathing. He was dressed in his black soccer shorts and a white tee-shirt. He was sweaty from having just come from practice and Risse had never seen him look more handsome. She knew that this was her chance and she would never get another one like this. All she had to do was open her mouth and speak to him. But she knew from the ball in her throat that no words would be able to form. Talking was an impossible task at that moment. So she did the only thing she could do. She moved past him and rushed down the hallway. She wasn’t sure why she did it but she did. Her chance with Drew, though she had never had a chance with him to begin with, was now gone. She had run away from it and she hated the empty feeling she had in her chest as a result. He probably thought that she was a freak and he was right to think so. She was one of those girls who were hopelessly in love with him. There were dozens of those girls at their university. And she hated that she was one of them. That one look from him could make her unable to form coherent words or even thoughts. And she hated the thought that she had a chance to actually talk with him and get him to notice her and that she had blown it. But Risse wasn’t like other girls. She may have wanted him, may have longed for being his and his alone but she didn’t want to have to fight a dozen girls that were probably in line ahead of her.

She wasn’t sure why she had decided to go to his birthday party but the Saturday night it was on arrived and Risse simply told herself that it was going to be now or never. She would wish him a happy birthday and then leave. She would be able to be proud of herself for talking with him and since he was a junior and she’s thinking of transferring to another university, she would probably never see him again. He would slowly fade from her mind and years from now, she would remember him as simply a college crush. But the knot in her stomach was telling her something otherwise. And now, she was standing in a closet with him, staring at him and completely paralyzed. She did not feel brave anymore. He was wearing blue jeans and a long sleeve blue tee-shirt. She wanted to look in his eyes – if only she could see his eyes. The blindfold he wore was preventing her. She had to get out of there. This had been such a mistake. What had she been thinking? Just showing up at Drew’s birthday party and going into the closet where she knew he was. This wasn’t at all like her. She would never fight for him and yet, she felt jealous of every girl who had been in that closet before her. She told herself that she was perfectly content wanting him from afar and watching every other girl make her move. Risse knew she wasn’t strong enough to take on the entire female population to be with him. Besides, this was just some silly crush. Wasn’t it? It had to be. She was 19, soon to be 20 year old and he was a 19 year old junior who practically owned the college with his friends. Drew could hear her breathing. He could sense her presence and since the closet wasn’t that big, he knew she was standing in front of the door. If he reached out, he could probably touch her. But he didn’t. He remained standing where he was, his hands in his pockets. He could hear the party raging on and he wondered how damaged Xander’s house was getting. Thank God his parents always seemed to be out of town, leaving Xander the unofficial party-thrower of their school. The party had been Xanders’s present to him and shoving him in a closet had been Ry’s idea. He had explained to Drew that it was like Seven Minutes in Heaven but with slightly different rules. Instead of different couples going in and out, Drew would remain in the closet, blindfolded for some damned weird reason, and the girls would be the ones to come. Drew had reluctantly agreed although he wasn’t as excited for the idea as he would have been. The old him, would have been cocky and self-assured, well aware of all of the girls that wanted a chance with him. But now, standing in the closet with someone who wasn’t even moving, he wanted to leave. He had wanted to leave even before the first girl had come in.

His mind began to wander and as it had for the past two weeks, it wandered back to her – to that girl he had knocked over in the hallway that one day after soccer practice. He hadn’t even known her name but he couldn’t stop staring at her. She was so beautiful. he wondered how he didn’t know her name. A girl like her was definitely someone he would have noticed. Not that her looks were what he first noticed. It had been her eyes. He had never seen such a pair of brown eyes before. They had been so innocent and pure and they had completely captivated him. Her hair, an equally dark brown, was pulled back into a messy bun with a few loose locks hanging around her face. He had wanted to tuck those behind her ears. He had helped her gather her drawings and he couldn’t believe how life-like she could make something look just by using a pencil. She was an amazing artist. He couldn’t draw worth a shit so the fact that she could, Drew felt himself being pulled in by her, and he didn’t even know her. She had run off before he could even say his own name, let alone find out hers. He had gone home, immediately looking through his yearbook but he didn’t even know what year she was in. He didn’t know where to begin to look for her. He had searched the hallways for her but that had also been futile. He had lost her. He had lost her before he even had the chance of having her and he couldn’t believe the empty feeling that was causing him in his chest. Risse sighed softly, reaching for the doorknob. She had wasted enough time. They only had six minutes left and she knew there was a line of girls who would actually have the nerve to kiss him or at least say something to him. Drew could actually hear her contemplating on whether or not to leave. He smiled faintly. She had been the first girl that night to not start kissing him immediately and it was most welcomed. “Your seven minutes aren’t up yet,” he said softly and he heard her gasp in surprise upon hearing him talk. Just like that girl in the hallway had gasped. It sounded like her. He had relived the moment in his mind enough times to recognize even the softest draws of breath. Drew felt himself go completely still. Risse swallowed the lump in her throat, still facing the door, her back to him. She shook her head slightly. “I shouldn’t have come,” she said just as softly.

Drew frowned at her words and took a step towards her. “Why do you say that?” He asked but he expected her to not answer. She didn’t. He began to reach up to take off the blindfold. Wearing this was stupid. He wanted to see this girl. He had a feeling with this girl, he HAD to see her. He needed to. Lina panicked upon seeing him move his hand up towards the blindfold. Without thinking, she rushed to him, grabbing his arm, stopping him. “Please don’t,” she pleaded.

“I want to see you,” he said but she shook her head.

“Please don’t,” she repeated. She realized that she was still holding his arm and she let it go, ignoring the shock that had went through her body upon touching him. Drew wanted to grab her hand again but he didn’t. And he didn’t take the blindfold off. He could hear how scared she was but he didn’t know what there was to be afraid of. “Can I at least know your name?” He couldn’t see her but he knew she was shaking her head. He sighed softly then an idea appeared and he smiled slowly. “Can I touch you?”

“Wh…what?” She stuttered and took a step back. Risse had not been expecting him to say that and she was even more surprised over the fact that she was actually considering it. The thought of Drew’s hands on her body made her cheeks flame up and she was tempted again to turn and run for her life from that closet. But her feet stayed planted on the floor. She couldn’t move and Drew was smiling at her again. The smile already made her feel weak and she hated herself for feeling that over his smile. She may have liked him, maybe even loved him, but that didn’t mean she had to be such a typical girl. She knew it couldn’t be helped though. Whenever she even thought of him, she had never felt less in control of herself. “I promise you,” he said softly, taking the step forward and closing the space that she had put between them. “Nothing dirty” He could smell her and he inhaled the scent of apples. It made him smile. She wasn’t drowned in some God awful perfume like most of the girls there at the party. He felt her tense when Drew suddenly dipped his head down and put his nose to the crook of her neck, smelling her, inhaling her, letting her scent cloud his mind over. He had never smelled anything so good. He didn’t know what the hell he was doing. But he couldn’t stop himself. He wasn’t strong enough to stop himself or to think about what he was doing.

Myerisse couldn’t help but close her eyes. She was dreaming. She had to be. Drew was pressed against her and his nose was buried in the crook of her neck. This couldn’t be real. It couldn’t be. Her eyes remained closed as he lifted one hand and rested it on her waist, his fingers moving slightly but she didn’t know what he was doing. He pulled his head back slightly and Risse wished that she could look into his eyes. Her heart was pounding and she was fairly certain that it was doing so loudly enough as to where he could hear it. She had no experience with boys. Zero, Zilch, None. She had never even been kissed let alone, had a boy this close to her before.

“Jeans…” he murmured more to himself as his fingers felt what she was wearing. He raised his hand slightly. “Sweater?!” He asked though it didn’t require an answer. “Sweater,” he decided, his fingers skimmed up her back and she shivered slightly. “With a hood,” he said, smiling faintly. He lifted his other hand to her face. Risse opened her mouth slightly though she wasn’t sure why. His fingers slid back into her hair, fingering some of her long dark brown locks. He was taking mental notes on everything – the softness of her skin, the plumpness of her lower lip, the long tresses of hair that tumbled down to nearly the small of her back. He saw her without seeing her. He could hear her breathing increase slightly and he smiled, glad to see that he wasn’t the only one affected by what he was doing. His fingers ran over her skin, one down her arm to feel her fingertips as the other slid to her back, the sweater rising slightly and feeling the bare skin there. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He could feel the closet get smaller and hotter and he pressed against her a bit more. He needed to be close to her.

“Drew…” she heard herself whispering and she couldn’t believe how breathless she sounded to her own ears. She opened her eyes and gasped softly upon seeing how close their lips were now. She could feel her hot breath mingling with his. Another shiver went down his spine.

“You know my name. Don’t you think it’s unfair I didn’t know yours?” He asked, only half-playing. He needed to know this girl. She was beautiful. His fingers could tell. And he also had a feeling that she didn’t even know just how beautiful she actually was. He wasn’t used to girls not completely self-absorbed and self-aware with themselves. She didn’t answer him and he knew that she wasn’t going to tell him. He sighed softly before straightening up a bit. “I’m going to kiss you,” he announced suddenly, even surprising himself with his boldness. Immediately, he felt her go stiff underneath his hands. That wasn’t the usual reaction he had come to expect from girls. Unless… “Have you ever been kissed before?”

Risse was glad he couldn’t see her because then he couldn’t see the look of complete mortification that crossed her face at his question. She wanted to leave. She wanted to run away and never be forced to look at him again. She should have never come here and definitely shouldn’t have come into this closet after finding out that this was where he was. Her insides twisted. She had to get out of there but his hands clamped down on her waist as if reading her mind. She was cemented to the floor. “No,” she said in a mumble.

He wanted to ask her how that was at all possible. All he had been wanting to do, for the past few minutes was kiss her and never stop. Instead, he nodded his head. “Okay,” he said simply before lifting his hands and cupping her head, his fingers tangling in her hair.

Her eyes widened as she watched his mouth move closer and then his lips pressed softly against hers. And her mind went completely blank. She was kissing Drew Nobles. Well, actually, Drew Nobles was kissing her. He was her first kiss. And it wasn’t at all how she thought it would be. She thought it would be nothing more than a peck, a brushing of his lips against hers. But this was turning into something so much more. His hands gripped her tighter, he pressed against her as close as he could and he slowly worked on her mouth, patiently showing her what to do. Risse’s eyes slid closed and Drew mentally smiled to himself when he felt her tilt her head slightly to the side and her hands hesitantly rested on his chest. His head was spinning. This wasn’t at all what he thought it would be. It was, without a doubt, the best kiss he had ever been a part of. Her hesitant moves, and shy lips beginning to move over his, the soft moan in her throat.

“Please tell me your name. Please,” he begged her, his lips just a hairsbreadth away from hers. He was going to kiss her again but he needed to know her name. This was a need.

“Risse,” she said without thinking and his lips were on hers again. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t even care about the fact that he now knew her name. She only cared about his arms now around her waist and his mouth fused with hers.


Their seven minutes were up. Their time was gone now. Her eyes snapped open and she practically leapt away from him, panting heavily. He seemed to be having a difficult breathing as well and he reached to take the blindfold off. She didn’t stop him and instead she turned and pulled the closet door open in a panic. The music from the stereo pounded her chest and she only faintly heard Drew called her name out as she ran away, pushing her way through the crowded rooms, desperate to get out of there. God, why did she do that? It had only made things worse for her? He knew her name. She had let him kiss her. She had fantasized about him kissing her since the first time he saw her. There was no way she could just move on now. She wanted him more than anything. And she would never have him. She wasn’t pretty enough or popular enough. Hell, she wasn’t even experienced enough to have him. There were plenty of senior, and junior, girls that he could date.

She reached outside and she took a large gulp of the cool fall air. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she didn’t even know why she was crying. Walking now at a more normal pace away from the house and down the sidewalk, she wiped at her face, shaking her head slightly. Coming here had been such a mistake.

Drew tore the blindfold off but she was already running away. “Risse!” He called after her but the music and the noise of the party was deafening. He wasn’t going to just stand there. He played soccer. He knew how to run, especially after some mystery girl he was not ready in the least to let go of yet. Hell, he didn’t know if he would be able to let go of her anytime soon. Ignoring greetings from his friends and other party attendees, and pushing the girls who tried to approach him away, he ran in the direction he thought she had gone in. He wasn’t going to lose her. He was ninety-nine percent sure that Risse was the girl from the hallway and she wasn’t going to run away from him this time. Not again.

The night was cold so most everyone had stayed inside of the house instead of spilling outside. Drew was grateful for that. It made spotting her all that much easier. She was walking down the sidewalk away from him, the wind blowing her hair. As she passed underneath a streetlamp, he saw that it was the same dark shade of hair that the girl from the hallway had. He felt his heart leap in his chest and he ran after her.

“Risse!” He shouted again and this time, she stopped dead in her tracks. Her back remained to him and he practically threw himself in front of her. He stopped breathing upon seeing her face. She was crying but that wasn’t the first thing he noticed. It’s those eyes. The eyes he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about and had searched the hallways for. Her soulful eyes, Oh thank God it was her. Drew almost whooped from excitement but he managed to maintain himself. Instead, he stood there in front of her, trying to catch his breath. First their kiss and now the running – his lungs needed some desperate air.

“You shouldn’t leave your party,” she said softly, staring at him with confusion. Why was he here in front of her? There had been a line of girls to get their seven minutes with him in the closet.

“It’s my party. I can do whatever I want,” Drew informed her, taking a step towards her, the space between them growing smaller. He was grateful that she didn’t counter his step with one of her own back. He didn’t want any space between them. He wanted to be as close to her as possible. This girl, she had such a power over him already and she clearly didn’t know it. “And right now, I want another seven minutes with you.”


She stared at him. She couldn’t believe he had just said that. She felt her heart begin to pound in her chest again and her stomach get that familiar knot. He had such control over her and he probably didn’t even know it. Then again, he had this control over a lot of girls and was more than aware of that fact. She began to take a step back but Drew suddenly hooked his fingers into her front blue jean belt loops and tugged her towards him, pressing her hips against his. Her hands instantly went to his chest. She wasn’t sure whether or not to push him away. Her cheeks blushed at the intimate contact between them and she bit her lower lip, tensing up and avoiding his eyes.

“That came out wrong,” he said softly, staring at her forehead, wishing she would tilt her head up and look at him. “I want more than seven minutes. I want a lot more time than that with you, Risse.”

She shook her head slightly. “You can’t,” she said in a whisper and Drew frowned.

“Why not?” He asked. He expected her to not answer but she surprised him when she began to talk and when she spoke, she did so quickly and frantically, desperate to make him understand.

“Because, Drew. I’m going to transfer in a different school next year, and we were moving to another city. I’m also a hopeless romantic. I want a relationship. I want a boyfriend who isn’t going cheat off me, a love to last a lifetime, and the one who I can see every day. I am not famous! You’re one of the most popular guys in the school. I can name ten girls right now off the top of my head. You could have at the snap of your fingers. I won’t fight for you. I’m not the kind of girl that will start clawing at other girls over you. I’m not like that Drew and even though I have liked you, LOVED you from the first time I saw you…”

Drew’s lips covered hers and he kissed her as hard as he could, silencing her from saying anymore. She squeaked in surprise and he almost smiled but he kept his lips to hers, his arms sliding around her waist, hauling her body against his. Her body remained tense for another moment or two before she practically all but melted against him, kissing him just as passionately in return, her arms hesitantly circling around his neck. Drew knew she had made some valid points but just because they had been valid didn’t mean that they weren’t stupid. He didn’t care about any of that. He honestly did not care and he knew for certain that he wouldn’t in the future. Right then, all he cared about was Risse kissing him in return and how perfectly amazing she fit in his arms, pressed against him.

Risse needed to breathe and she slowly pulled her head back, their lips prying apart. Her eyes remained closed for a moment but then she opened them and found herself staring directly into Drew’s. He smiled faintly and joining the knot, she now had butterflies in her stomach. “You shouldn’t have done that, Drew,” she managed to say in a whisper.

He stared at her, his smile fading but his eyes just as intense. “I wanted to.” He paused. “Actually, I’ve had wanted to do that since I barreled you down in the hallway a couple weeks ago.”

Risse hadn’t been expecting that and her eyes widened slightly. “Do you mean that?” His eyes gave her all the answer she needed. She smiled faintly. “You don’t even know my last name though.”

He couldn’t help but smile slightly. “So tell me your last name. Tell me anything. I want to know everything about you, Risse.” Every word he said, he meant it. She was completely captivating to him and he didn’t even know her. He wanted to though. He wanted to know this girl in front of him, in his arms, and who he couldn’t stop kissing.

“Casley. My last name is Casley,” she said with a soft smile and he grinned widely. He leaned down and kissed her again, just as heatedly and passionately as before. He couldn’t stop kissing her. Her lips were completely addicted to him. He peppered her lips with short tiny kisses before deepening it, reveling in that soft moans of hers again that rose from the back of her throat. They clung to one another, kissing the air from one another’s lungs, neither wanting to stop.


“Still think you shouldn’t have come?” He asked once they had to breathe again. A serene smile spread across her lips and Drew felt his insides clench tightly. She was beautiful and he honestly wanted to kick himself for not having ever noticed her sooner. To think that he could have seen her last year and have been with her for all of this time already. He sighed inwardly. He supposed though that it was better late than never.

“I was going to come tonight and try to bring myself to get over you,” she admitted softly. Drew frowned. She continued though before he could ask why. “Even now… I’m scared. I don’t know how any of this will work between us. What will happen Monday at school? What happens when I meet your friends? Or you meet mine? What about all of those other girls that want you? They’ll all wonder why you settled for some lowly junior and I’m wondering that too right now…”

Drew snickered quietly, tightening his arms around her. Her worried babbling was one of the cutest things he had ever seen. “First of all, please tell me that you will never stop your nervous babbling because I already love it.” He grinned when she blushed. “And second, I don’t see myself settling for anyone. I see myself being with this insanely beautiful girl who managed to pull me in with just a look from her eyes. I see myself being with you because I want you.” Risse chewed on her lower lip, still slightly unsure. She had wanted this, him, for so long, this still all felt a bit surreal. Drew pressed his forehead against hers. “Give me seven minutes. In those seven minutes, if you’re not convinced, if you still doubt whether or not that I want you that I want to give this a try with you no matter what then I will let you leave. But in those seven minutes, if I can show you…” he trailed off and smiled. She was blushing again and she was even more beautiful if that was possible.

Risse smiled almost shyly. “Your seven minutes start now, Drew,” she informed him quietly and he laughed softly.

“So you’ll be timing me?” He teased.

She shook her head. “No. I won’t be.” They stared at one another for a moment more and she opened her mouth to say something to fill the silence but then Drew was kissing her again and all coherent thoughts left her head. That seemed to happen a lot while she was around him. He slowly teased her bottom lip with his tongue then nipped at it gently, urging her to open her mouth. He felt her tense and he cursed himself for rushing her. She pulled her lips away just enough to talk. “I don’t know what I’m doing,” she confessed, horribly embarrassed. Drew Nobles had probably kissed hundreds of girls. She felt like such a loser.

Drew, sensing her self-consciousness, lifted a hand to her cheek, brushing his knuckles across her soft skin. “I’m here,” he whispered before leaning his mouth down to hers again. She relaxed again and Drew held onto her tightly. As he kissed her, he tried to think of a better birthday he had in the past but he couldn’t. Risse had just helped this birthday surpass all others. He lifted a hand and cupped the back of her head, slowly tilting her head to the side and deepening the kiss.

On Monday, after spending the rest of the weekend together, Drew bounced out of his car excitedly, slinging his book bag onto his back. Risse, on the other hand, slid from the passenger side slowly, scared to death as she looked up at the students looming in front of them. She couldn’t do this. His friends weren’t going to like her. She wasn’t one of them. Girls were going to hate her and they didn’t even know her. She was brought out of her thoughts though upon feeling Drew grab her hand, instantly intertwining their fingers. He gave her a smile, tugging her towards the school.

“You can do this, Risse Casley. I’m right here with you,” he told her, able to see and sense her apprehension, and she nodded, though the knot in her stomach that she had always gotten just from being around him was now from about to face everyone who were about to find out that she was with him. Still sensing her nerves, Drew stopped her, slinging his other arm around her neck and kissing her hard on the mouth right there on the front steps of school. Risse could feel the eyes of fellow students watching them. But Drew was kissing her and it was difficult to not respond to his lips on hers. Drew separated their mouths, still grasping her hand in his and his arm still around her neck. “I know how I can get you to not worry about anything.”

Risse smiled, blushing faintly, her nerves forgotten in that moment. She couldn’t believe that she had him. Drew was hers and she was his. It almost seemed like fate or something higher along those lines had been at work here. “Let me guess. You’re going to pull me into a closet for seven minutes?” She asked playfully.

Drew laughed, grateful to see her a bit more relaxed. He placed a short hard kiss on her lips. “Well, I was thinking… we actually have fifteen more minutes before first period starts…” he grinned when she laughed softly then pecked him lightly on the lips. He could already hardly remember how he had gotten by without her. It had been just thirty-six hours and yet he knew, these feelings he had for her, they were as real as they could get.

“I don’t know any available closets,” Risse told him, now forgetting about the students walking past them, seeing the, whispering about them. Everyone in school would soon know and the stares and whispers would only grow. But right then, staring into Drew’s sexy brown eyes, feeling his protective hold surrounding her, she wasn’t worried. She stared at him and she was so thankful that she hadn’t left that closet Saturday night.

Drew smiled. “Don’t worry. We’ll find one,” he told her softly, placing a kiss just as soft on her lips, and then stepping away from her, squeezing her hand once more, he led her into the school. They only had fourteen minutes left now before the bell rang and Drew was planning on making the most of any time he was lucky enough to get with her.


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