There’s This Boy…

So there’s this boy who has my attention.
Whenever he talks to me, I can’t hear anyone else in the room.
I always find myself staring at him and sometimes I catch him staring back.

So there’s this boy who is incredibly sweet.
When I talk to him, I know he’ll always have a response to cheer me up.
He makes the cutest comments sometimes and I wish we were more than friends.

So there’s this boy who I love to talk to. He’s always joking around with me and I couldn’t enjoy it more.
When he sees me around, we’re sure to make some kind of exchange and most of the time, it’s in some cute little way that you wouldn’t even notice.

So there’s this boy who is absolutely adorable.
I could find him by his hair anywhere.
He smells amazing and it makes me want to hug him tightly.
He walks by and taps me on the shoulder and I can’t help but laugh, which in turn makes him laugh as well.
He makes the goofiest faces and voices that are probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. His smile is priceless.
A flash of his smile is sure to bring my spirits up, no matter how low they are.
And his laugh, oh his laugh.
The infectious laugh I fell in love with.
His laugh could for sure stop my heart if I wasn’t careful.

So there’s this boy and I can’t explain exactly why I am hooked on him


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