An Elegy of Love

I gaze at the heavens but with unseeing eyes

Hoping to find some solace

Some salve to soothe the pain

Among the stars and the skies



Once so warm and forgiving

Has now turned so demanding

Forsaken by one who has cared the most


Each day starts in a stupor

Blank looks arouse curiosity

How the heart yearns for just a sweet Hello

From the phone that

Remains unrelentingly silent


The night’s morose blanket

Dark dense and lonely

Trying to smother the heart’s turmoil

But giving up completely


Life must go on so they say

Friends offer comfort to pass the day

Working with a frenzy distracting the mind

To the shattered heart however

There’s no such thing as mind over matter


Food turns to ashes in the mouth

The body doesn’t seem to care

All that are needed is nicotine to sustain

And alcohol to dull the pain


The seasons may come and go

Can such love become

A distant memory

Tell that to the mind it may agree

The heart’s anguish tell another story


This elegy has to end

Having unleashed tears that blind

If I were to write my epitaph here and now

Herein lies a woman who loved and lost

And who died with a broken heart.


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