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” Will Your Love Last? “

Last Chance
We’re not fortune-tellers. But we do know this: “Separation might help you define your feelings,” suggest Elizabeth Buckner, PH.D., a clinical psychologist in Weston Massachusetts, who’s counseled dozens of couples through breakups and make-ups. “You’ll find out if you really miss him or not if you felt some relief in your new freedom.” Long-distance relationships need a lot of work, and now is a good time to decide if your guy’s worth it. “You need patience and a willingness not to take the easy way out,” says Jenny. “The couple has to agree that if the relationship is really good, then it’s worth keeping it going.” Trust your instincts, and don’t try to prolong something that was flawless as a fling, but has no chance of becoming a forever thing.


 “Which Candy are You? “

Lollipop. You’re a kid at heart — playful, optimistic, charming, and cheery! Everyone loves to spoil you, and you have to admit, you love all the attention, too! People like you `cause: You always see the best in everything and everyone, and you always have something nice to say.


 “How Do You Heal a Broken Heart? “

On the Rebound. Done with one relationship? Move on to the next! Your Get-Over-Him style involves the classic rebound. While it’s great that your failed relationships don’t leave you pessimistic about love, you have to watch out. Gals on the rebound often get into relationships for the wrong reasons and hurt themselves and their new boyfriends, too. If you deal by meeting new people, then go ahead. Just dont jump into a new relationship too soon.


 “How Hard Do You Fall? “

Scaredy-Cat. Past experiences and horror stories from friends leave you too scared to fall in love. Burst out of your cocoon and take the risk! Who knows? Your happy ending may just be waiting to happen.


” Diggin’ the Dating Scene “

Double Date. Double dates help you get to know the guy with the security of another couple’s presence. Remember, you shouldn’t compare yourself with the other couple — who gets along better or who looks better together shouldn’t bug you. Focus on having a great time with your date and chase those insecurities away.


” Ready, Jet-set, Go! “

Oh, Tokyo! If you like both tranquility and pleasant commotion within your reach, Tokyo is your city. A very progressive country in technological advancement, Tokyo’s fast-paced lifestyle is balanced with the serenity of its temples and gardens, and spiced up with its active nightlife and exquisite cuisine.


” What’s Your Zzzs IQ? “

Zombie Freak. You underestimate the benefits that sleep has to offer. Sleep builds your immune system — a force that’ll help battle pesky skin infections and sickness. So grab your pillows tonight and start having a steady relationship with your good old bed.


” Be a Balanced Babe! “

A Little Passion and Drive. While it?s good to live contentedly in the present, there is also greatness in setting your eyes on a destination and moving towards it. Take these words from Oprah, the Queen of Ambition, to heart: ?Do the one thing you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.? Just like it?s easier to get somewhere with a map, dreams are easier to reach if you write them down. It?s hard to deny something exists when it?s right in front of you in black and white. Or in full color?like a poster of the country you want to see someday plastered on your bedroom wall or the photograph of a person you admire and want to be like. You must start somewhere, and even if you start small with plans for tomorrow instead of for the next 10 years, what?s important is that you start?today.


” The Ticket “

Mindless Comedy. Ever since you can remember, your motto has always been “laughter is the best medicine.” People love hanging out with you because of your jolly sense of humor. You never fail to put a smile on someone’s face and you live for making people happy. So when it comes to films, you expect the same. A movie without laughter is like a beach without sunshine. Where’s the fun in that?


” Are you really one of the boys? “

GIRLY GIRL. Sugar and spice, everything nice?that?s definitely you! There?s nothing wrong with being a girly girl, but it would also be cool to expand your world to include the sometimes boring, sometimes exciting hobbies and interests of the male species. See if you?ve got the stomach for even just 10 minutes of Fear Factor or if you can find the fun in watching cars get blasted by renting Bad Boys. If you?re still not into guy stuff though, keep your chin up?it?s perfectly alright! It?s fun being a guy, but it?s great to be a girl. 😉


” Pet-cetera “

Dog. Dogs are great household pets because of their trustworthy nature. Loyalty is important to you. You’re forgiving too, of the little “accidents” your pup has! You like being showered with affection and love giving it back.


” Sports Unlimited “

Smells like Team Spirit! You’re a team player who enjoys huddling and bonding with a group, and you’re motivated by improving personal skills together with the team. Your teammates and friends appreciate your winning spirit because it motivates them to do their best. Sports to try: basketball, volleyball, handball, or team rowing.


” Reality Check “

American Idol. Music makes your world go round. You not only have the talent and love for singing, you’ve also got the X-factor. You know what it takes to be noticed. In a crowd of wannabes and no-talents, you stick out and shine. You have a special gift so don’t be afraid to share it with the world.


” Who’s Your Ideal Candy Cutie? “

Match Made in Heaven: The Artsy Thespian
These performers shine both on the stage and in your heart. Usually artistic and introspective, they go for the little, meaningful moments in life, like watching the sunrise at 5am. Depth is important when dealing with these dudes, as Gian Magdangal puts it: “I think intelligence will bring her a long way in knowing and being the best girlfriend I’d wish for.”


” Where Will You Meet Your Boyfriend? “

At your school org
You’re into academics, but you don’t let that get in the way of your social life. All your school org activities may keep you busy, but they also get you in touch with guys from other schools. Mixing work with play can be a lot of fun, especially when you meet your totally smart (and totally cool a la Seth Cohen) future boyfriend.


” Are You A Brave Girl? “

Mighty Aphrodite
She was the goddess of love and beauty. She not only had power but knew how to use it. that describes you perfectly. For example: Yes, your boyfriend will bring you a pint of mint chocolate chip—even if it’s out his way—if you ask him. But would you really ask him to? For you, knowing that he would is enough. That’s mental strength. But you’ve got physical strength, too. Christine Marshall, a wrestler and a bodybuilder who can bench—press 250 pounds, says: “With strength you can protect yourself and it’s nice not to look to a gut to help you do things.”


” Can you get what you want? “

The Negotiator — You know what you’re after, and you’ll do just the right amount of pulling and pushing to get it. You’re a lot like Chris Colleen, a celebrity agent for United Talent agency in Los Angeles. It’s his job to negotiate sweet deals for clients such as Carmen Electra, and he says you can use his tactics to get sweet stuff for yourself, too: “When I go into a situation, I’ll say, ‘My client deserves X amount of money and X type of dressing room.’ And I’ll have the facts to back that up.” That’s how you ended up with the best Internet schedule—by proving you needed the after-school slot more than your sister did. You’re playing by Colleen’s rule, which is, “Don’t look at the person as your adversary. You both want to make a deal.”


” Does He Know You’re Crushin’? “

Clued-In Cutie
He totally knows! He is so sure of it! So now, it’s up to you to take it to the next level. The ball is in your hands now.


” Guy Talk Decoded “

May be Infatuated
He doesn’t spend every waking moment thinking about you, but he doesn’t find himself daydreaming about you lot during class. “At the very least, he’s definitely interested,” says Billingham. If he weren’t, his stomach wouldn’t have made that silver medal-winning back flip when you invited and his friends to hang out with your group. So he’ll probably to see how it goes—he’s not in a love rush. Just hope he doesn’t wait too long. “It’s good to be careful when it comes to romance but remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained,” advises Billingham. If he was able to notice how terrific you are, lots of other guys will, too.


” How Grown-up are You? “

Your motto is carpe diem or “seize the day.” A very apt motto for someone who takes the time to explore everything the world has to offer. Bungee jumping, late nights out with friends, and dressing the way you want to dress without thinking of what others will say set you apart from all the rest. You certainly know the importance of individuality and experiencing the best things in life. However, you do have to think about how your actions affect the people around you. Your dad may feel outraged every time he sees you stepping out in the skimpiest skirt. And not letting the `rents know where you are may hurt your mom more than you realize. Just remember, while it’s great to be young and free, you do have to think about the feelings of the people around you.


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