heart break poems

” Paint a Smile ”

Paint a perfect smile
Straight onto my face
Wash it off good
Don’t leave any trace
Of our happy times
The days we shared
Hours of togetherness
Back when we cared
But we lost touch
My hand slipped from yours
We went our ways
And closed open doors
Then times got tough
I needed you
My heart was empty
My sadness grew
I silently wept
As you left me there
Lost and alone
I just can’t bare
Another lost heart
Or even more crying
I can’t handle much
Of anyone’s lying
I need someone here
To do what you never would
Paint a permanent smile
The way you never could

” my eager heart ”

My eager heart
Is a rose
In a yellow-tinged vase
Water seeping
Out of transparency
Sliding, or rather
Like a serpent
Filled with lusty greed
No matter
What the porcelain cracks
Absorb the moisture
In its crimson desire
It is a love
In all its evaporating glory
Eager is my heart
To do it’s will

” If ”

If the language of love is UN-ending
then why am I so lost for words?
if there is reason and rhyme in poetry
then why can’t I simply be heard?

If the heart knows no boundaries in loving
and the soul nows how to find its own twin,
then how come my heart and my soul are alone
and I feel so much emptiness within?

If your eyes can seek out so much beauty
and your senses can evolve everyday,
then why are my eyes and my senses so weak
and why do they control me this way?

I try everyday to be strong Love
and I pray every night for your smile,
If I ache every moment that we are apart
then I wonder if this has all been worth while.

How much longer must I ache for your presence?
How many hours must I long for your touch?
And how many times must I whisper these words
“My Darling I miss you so much.”

” If life was a dream ”

If life was a dream
You’d be here with me
Laughing, hand in hand
Smiling for all to see

If life was a dream
Together we’d grow old
Still making future plans
Forgetting years stole.

If life was a dream
Sun would never fade alone
Darkness simply surrenders
To love you have shown

If life was a dream
No tear would fall from eyes
No prayer will go unheard
True love could never die

If life was a dream
I’d be back in your arms
Kissing your sweet lips
Safe from all life’s harms

If life was a dream
I’d never feel alone
Pain would not exist
For you would be home

If life was a dream
No plans would be betrayed
Love will shower everywhere
No need to be afraid

If life was a dream
Why would I need to sleep?
When I have you by my side
And your heart to keep

” One ( ten of break up )

1. person giving up
2. eyes filled with tears
3. words that meant nothing to me
4. hands that won’t be held
5. mornings I see him at school….with her
6. love notes ripped and torn
7. days of week I think of him
8. sad songs before bed
9. wishes that won’t come true
10. years untill he realizes I was the one

” SaDdENnEd SkY ”

Standing alone under a saddened sky
Yelling at time to pass me by

The rain beats against my face
Mixing with the tears falling from my eyes
I’ll never stop missing you at this pace

The rain poured harder
And the clouds turned black
Drowning in my feelings
The feelings that I lack

The sun can’t shine
The clouds are just too dark
I know this time I won’t be fine

I’m standing all alone in the rain
Heart throbbing to the pain


” I’ll Pretend”

You have always been there for me, every day of the year.
You helped me through everything, and wiped away my tears.
You made me feel special, like no one had before.
You had me addicted; I just kept coming back for more.

And Im still addicted, I just cant help myself.
For this past year, there has been no one else.
I dont know why Ive loved you, for so long.
But I have to say, it doesnt feel wrong.

In fact, it feels more right, than anything yet.
Its just my feelings that I dont quite get.
Why have I loved you, for what seems like forever?
Why do I love you, when were not even together?

I dont know the answer, but it doesnt matter.
The answer wont tell my heart not to shatter.
So Im just going to go on and act like Im okay.
Pretend that I dont love you, like I do everyday.


” Shattered World”

The tears her smile hides

Her heart giving up to let her die.

Can anyone take away these lies?

She really did try

But her heart is dead

and now its time

This is the end.

As long as you’re happy thats all that matters.

She’d give you her world even as it shatters.


” Bitter Break”

Our love start falling,
when you stop calling.
My tears start running,
when you started acting

Sadness fill me, and pain
consume my heart.
This bitter break has took
my world apart.

Our troubles came, when
you stated you didn’t feel
the same.

I knew this bitter break
would leave me blue, so
now I’m asking my heart to
get over you.

Unhappiness is now a fact,
and you have burn me so
bad I can’t look back.

Just a reflection of you send
me up a wall.
This bitter break has took my
all, all the joy and happiness
that once exist, your love has
me truly made me sick.

This bitter break is the reason
my heart won’t heal.
This bitter break has left me
drowning in tears.
This bitter break has made
me not want to live.

Were broken up.


” Foolishly Standing Here ”

If you lie to me tonight
Beneath the starry moonlit night
And I listen, and believe
When you promise you won’t leave
Would you ever feel the guilt
From the lies that you have built?

Whispering in my ear, I fear
Will never keep me standing here.

If you sing to me a song
But the atmosphere is wrong,
And I smile, still content
Because I think of what you meant,
Would you stop to speak your mind,
Just to say it right this time?

Singing broken notes, I fear
Will never keep me standing here.

If you give to me a gift
Come to seal it with a kiss
And I quiver, out of breath
Because I feel our hearts have met
Would you ever say the truth
Or just let my heart be used?

Perhaps you know through this I fear,
I’m foolish.
I’ll be standing here.



Losing the hope of being the one
It’s how she felt that day
Lost the faith in love
Why couldn’t she see it coming?
He gave her all the clues
Straying away all along
She hates herself for not seeing it
Blind by love is what she was
And now he is gone, gone
No one can tell when lightning strikes
Until it hits the ground, just like us
Goodbyes are lost and never found
Maybe one day it will find its way again ” (


” broken feelings ”

Broken dreams
Hope ripped at the seems
Nothing left inside to balance out the pain
I wonder why I’m pushing on
It all feels so wrong
I’m scared it will never be right again

Inside I keep trying
But nothings working out
So I wonder what else life has in store for me
And don’t know how to carry on
Freedoms gone away
Because things as I liked them have changed

I hate dragging this out
But it remains close yet seems and feels so distant
Everything just keeps falling in and out of me
So many holes within
The hardest part is letting go cos I don’t want to give this up

Inner confusion storms my head
If only I could explain so it could be understood
But I can’t regain control
If only you could see
Because I don’t know about you but its been hard on me

And when secret tears fall I feel weak
I should be coping being strong but I am all front
Really I’m so emotional and out of it
They only see the outside of me
They don’t see the inside with all the broken feelings hurting me


” changing ”

Selfish, lies and wants
Disgustful tactics and hate
She loves him, wants him
When she looks at him its love
She hates him, take him
When she thinks of him its anger
How she wants to be back in his arms
A two way street is what it is
Her heart can’t change the feeling within
The dreams they once talked about
The future they would have had
She can’t change her way of thinking
The way her mind feels about him
Dreams shes not gonna have with him
She must change her future
Which will be without him


” falling out of love ”

Can someone fall out of love?
After loving another for so many years.
Can reality suddenly become untrue,
And dreams turn to something you hadn’t thought of.

Can someone fall out of love?
Feelings once so obvious seem to become unclear.
Hatred erases everything you ever knew.
A beautiful memory slowly disappears.

Can someone fall out of love?
Not having to worry about shedding more tears.
A past full of happiness begins to undo,
love and life become part of someone’s biggest fear.

Can someone fall out of love?
And forget a beloved they once held so dear?
The way two people fall in love; knowing it’s true,
It seems that I am falling out of love with you.


” forgive and forget ”

The winds of change are blowing
through the chambers of my mind,
and they’re telling me the time has come
to finally leave the past behind.

All my paths of indecision
are at a crossroads finally,
and the apex of forgiveness
is where I now should be.

This soul destroying attitude
of, ‘I’ll forget but can’t forgive’,
is hindering my future happiness
and the freedom I need to live.

So I let the breeze of comfort
gently come and erase my pain,
and allow life’s desired serenity
help me learn to live again.


” Just this once ”

I walk through this world,
Holding my head down,
Wiping the tears from my eyes,
and covering up these wounds
Just once,
Just this once
I’d like to be happy again.
I’d like to go back before the clouds came,
before the rain started falling.
Before I met you.
Before you started to tear my world apart,
Before you left me broken.
Just this once,
I’d like to be happy again


” AgaIn I faLL ”

Like a ray of sunshine I had found u,
A gentle, warm slap in the face, and there u were;
Like a knife in the back it hit me,
And sooner than I could blink I had lost u.

u were supposed to be the different one,
u were supposed to be the one who finally set me free,
the one to pull me from the depths of my own self,
and save me from the darkness.

I did nothing wrong,
I was the perfect girl,
sensitive, caring, and loving;
but still I roll over expecting to see u and all I see is darkness,
all I have left are memories.

and so here I am, thinking, pondering what happened;
I lay perplexed, unaware of what went wrong,
left only with the reality that u are no longer next to me,
left in a free-fall downward,
back to the place I fought so hard to get out of,
back to the prison that is myself,
back to loneliness.

Once again I find myself surrounded,
Surrounded by the darkness I fear so much!


” a silent wish ”

Silly wishes,
I know
as I sit on a rainy day
with drops falling on my palms
like dimes
that have been lost
and are hitting tile floors.

Silly thoughts,
I know
as I take precious pieces of colored glass
and mend them together
when I should be planting
my incessant mind
on firm roots.

But on moments like these
I all can do is wish,
wish that someone
could brush away the raindrops
from my skin
and fuss about my hair.

But on days like these
I need someone
to pull up my chin
and dry the fears
that well within my heart
like a locket that is so worn
that it breaks.

I know my thoughts
are wasted,
yet I linger for a sweet taste
of something I wish I had.

If only someone
who could care for me in such a way,
as to carry me to the highest of mountains
and teach me to fly..
without falling down.


” beginning of the end ”

Bury Me in Oblivion

Woke up from a dream whispering;

I just felt a warm breath down my neck…
Was it your absent visiting me again…?

Standing awake,
blending into lonely stillness
wanting to hide away within
this stark essence of rippling emptiness.
From the fountain of night
darkness pouring steadily and proud.
As voices of yesterday
brush upon memories,
past forgathering with reality.
Tomorrow is skipping away,
yet sinking feet of thoughts
are dragging, unable to move me ahead.
Trying to find a way out
but eyes that weep can only look
they can never seem to see,
to find Mercy’s Path.
Claws of Separation locked into my soul,
flew me beside their half-lit crescent moon
to bury me in oblivion…
That is how my breath ended,
trapped within a space
between Heaven and Hell,
with my silently screaming verses.
Everything that ever was
now just a black imprint
in the ashes of time
hues of dreams fade
as dust of dullness
peacefully settles down

Woke up from a dream whispering;

Even though you are far away my Love is still close to you
from up above every night, it will watch over you…


” A mEmOrY oF mE ”

A long lost hope

Abandoned at sea

A heart left shattered

The only memory of me

A shipwreck that silenced

Two people in love

When a third came by

Two did run

As the ship sank fast

One heartbroken girl

Was left all alone

Abandoned by the world

A long lost love

Abandoned at sea

A thousand tears that fell

The only memory of me


” does he even love me ? ”

Does he even love me?

Does he even care?

That he threw me for a loop

And now he’s not even there

He bent my heart almost breaking

Then shattered it to pieces

Left it on the ground to scatter

I can’t believe I see this

Does he even love me?

I don’t think he cares

That he took my love for granted

And dissapeared into thin air

So here I’m left here laying

On the ground tonight

To contemplate my wrongs

See if i could’ve done something right

What did i do wrong?

To make you turn against me?

I gave my heart to you boy

And now I’m suffering


” twilight”

Forbidden fruit
Red tainted white rose
The object of my desire
In all your complete perfectness

Pale skin
With just a hint of life
Eyes that I could melt in
Only if you let me

Yet cold as stone you remain
Marble skin
Cold to the touch
Yet warms my heart

It seems you don’t breath at all
Why am I drawn to you
Wrong or right, it doesn’t matter anymore
I have already fallen

Perfect in your God like form
Black as night
Yet I see you as if bathed in perfect sunlight
How I yearn to hold you close

You shy away, like I don’t exist
It pains me to look at you again
Your topaz eyes, black as night
I wonder why that is

Old legends, can’t be true
Yet I know that deep inside
When I look at you
You aren’t what you appear

Hidden deep inside you
Are secrets you swore to keep
I feel the need to see them
They are the only thing keeping me alive

Reaching for what can’t be mine
You taunt me with your perfect grace
The cold statuesque face
Reach out and hold me, I yearn for your touch

I can feel the slightest tingle
When you sit next to me
Why, oh why can’t you just see
I’m in love with you

Heart full of passion
Desires unquenched
Make me like you
Hold me forever

All I ask, which isn’t much
Is for you to touch me
Walk with me now
Through the Twilight


” A tHoUsAnD teaRs ”

The first five tears I cry as I lay down to sleep,
Are the tears for the memories inside my heart,
All the days we spent side by side together,
And all the reasons we are now apart.

A tear for each single kiss we shared back then,
Just one more for the hugs and the smiles,
A tear I cry for the pain and the loneliness inside,
That I’ll feel for more than a million miles.

It doesn’t matter how many tears I cry,
Never does it stop making me feel so blue,
Cos baby, I’m ashamed to admit it but…
I’m crying a thousand tears for you.


” an ocean of tears ”

Millions of birds, flowers and trees,
Along with the cold, blustery breeze,
Blossom falls down from high above,
An ocean of water is my ocean of love.

Millions of tears, kisses and smiles,
That I can feel for miles and miles,
Rose petals lying upon the ground,
Love is a rhythm, a beautiful sound.

I love you with all of my heart,
I cry for days when we are apart,
The music playing in my ears,
The ocean that holds my many tears.


” tElL mE ”

Why do you lead me
why do I follow
tell me
if you could choose
would you be there?
or would you continue to stare?

why cant you be there?
why cant you act like you care?
don’t you see me cry?
can you see the sadness in my eyes?

whats going through your mind
when you look at her?
tell me
are her qualities better then mine?
what is it you cannot find in me?
I’m blinded from your secrecy

I use the tears from my eyes
to defuse the fire deep inside
tell me
is my love enough for you?
is there something more I should do?
why am I so in love with you?

why cant you see?
why cant you be what I need?
locked up hatred from within
cant you see that your my sin?

just like you gave it
can you take away my pain
tell me
what should I do
when all i can do
is think of you…


” He’s breaking my heart”

How could you say
you love somebody so much
Then break their hearts?

Why do you have to
be so dishonest
then two days later
make them cry?

Is this how you repay me
for loving you with all my might
i tried to hold us from falling apart
but it was to much from the start.

Why did you have to play with my heart
then two months later rip it apart?

All i can say is why
did you break my heart?


” Why?”

Why does my heart beat faster
when I see you come my way?
When I know you hurt me
and yet your smile kills me every day?
Does my heart beat from pain
from embarrassment of what was?
Or perhaps from memories that pour down like rain?
Why do I let my heart convince my mind
that it would indeed be better this time?
Do I convince it so my heart will bind
the wounds still fresh in my mind?
Will I ever get over the shock?
Or will I forever remember the pain
of having a key wrenched out of a lock
and left me without gain
Leaving that same key lost forever?
Or is it because I need to care
to love somebody no matter who
letting me forget stripping me bare
of all the pain you have caused?
Why do I know it would never work
and yet still wish it could?
Why do I feel pain lurk
when I don’t think of you?
Am I afraid? Why can’t you
Let me go, at least, release my mind
from your painful hold


” He can’t see”

Look at him, sitting there so handsome
How can he not see
All these things i feel for him
But I know that we can’t be

The way I feel about him
All the things that I would do
The things I think about him
I almost wish he knew

I would give up dreaming
and living just for him
I would change my life
Even change my name for him

I know this is impossible
I know we just can’t be
I know there is no ‘we’
Just because….he can’t see


” Did you ever”

Did you love me?
Did you ever?

I asked if you would stop and you said NEVER!

Was that all a lie?
Or do you still?

Because if you did stop I would get so deathly ill.

I didn’t lie when I said I did
because thats not meant to kid.

This is life we are talking about
but serious do not pout.

I hate that and you know it

I love you and thats no lie.

Cross my heart
hope to die.

I pray to you thats no lie.


” Gone Forever ”

You made me feel all empty and unwanted inside,
the hurt that i have tried to hide,
many times before,
no one can ever see,
the pain they never saw.

we had nothing, and you knew it,
concealed in a hope, that i had carried,
figuring out what we had lost,
looking at all the lines we crossed.

hoping that it would all turn better,
until the day that you met her.

was she everything you hoped for,
was she all the you dreamed,
was she good or was she better,
or was she inbetween.
are all the headaches gone?
are they gone for forever?

the system has currupted,
the conversation interupted,
the voices down the hall,
were never really there at all,
i lied to you many times before,
i put it all on,
for so long,
i hate you,
i depise you,
i never want to see you,
i never want to be with you,
i never want to hear you,

has all the pain gone now?
” Gone Forever ? ”

” Mind, eyes, heart, and soul ”

Minds that yearn for yesterday
For a love that once was there
Minds that fear tomorrow
Will encourage deep despair

Eyes that shed a million tears
For a love that could not be
Eyes that see just sorrow
Will cry for eternity

Hearts that have been broken
For a love that was in vain
Hearts that aren’t allowed to heal
Will die in deep disdain

Souls that find no peace within
For a love that passes by
Souls that remain empty
Will haunt us till we die


” Embedded sorrow “

I always try to find words to say to you.
But, all that comes to mind is “I love you.”
All we are is just friends.
So, my love for you needs to end.
I only want to be in your arms.
but, that would cause your new relationship harm.
I let you have my heart.
But, you only tore it apart.
I thought our love would last.
Now it’s only a thing of the past.
Saying goodbye was hard to do.
But, I am never going to forget you.
So please, just remember me.
And just set my heart free.


” I knew that you love her “

no more will I hold
onto all this lies
the love in your simple smile,
the warmth in your eyes,
I just with now
that I would have known
It was all a lie….

I think I always knew
when you looked into my eyes
It was never me that you would see
I could always tell
when you were
thinkin’ of her
as that faraway look
would take over
your face….
I don’t want to
admit it
But I think
that I always knew the truth
You love her more than
you could ever love me….
She’s the reason
for that far off smile
She’s the reason
for that distant look
in your eyes
I could always tell
when your thoughts
are with her


” Broken sonnet ”

I just wanted to know,
Why you had to go.
Leaving me on my own,
Always feeling alone.
See, i only asked,
Why i always came last.
Now the words you said,
Are stuck in my head.
It was just a game,
You didn’t feel the same.
You took hold of my heart,
And you ripped it apart.
The pieces are scattered,
My heart is now shattered


” My one that will never come true “

I wish I had a boy who will call me beautiful instead of hot. He’ll call me every morning just to know how I’m doing and if I slept well. He will dance with me in the middle of the floor when no one else is dancing. On his birthday, he’ll buy me roses. He’ll wait outside in the pouring rain just so he can see me. He’ll win me stuffed animals from a vending machine in Dairy Queen. He’ll throw me into the pool, and then jump in behind me when both of us still have our clothes on. When I cry, he’ll tell me I’m too gorgeous to and kiss every tear. He’ll sing to me at the top of his lungs, no matter where we are. He’ll give me his favorite sweatshirt, and he’ll spray it with his cologne. He’ll write me love notes every day, and I’ll write back. I’ll be the girl he hits the homerun for, and he’ll be the guy I cheer on at every game. I’ll take his little sister shopping, and he’ll talk with my mom on the phone. When I’m having a bad day, he’ll tell me as many jokes as he can think of, and when I laugh he’ll say, “there’s that smile I fell in love with”. we’ll get out pictures taken in the photo booths at the mall, and we’ll cross our eyes and stick out our tongues in the first one, kiss for the second one, and smile for the third one. We’ll watch Veggie Tales when we’re bored, then just laugh together. We’ll jump on the trampoline at ten at night, and then just lay down and watch the moon. I’ll look through all his baby pictures and he’ll look through mine. All of his friends will know who I am because he’ll never shut up about me. We’ll have stupid contests, like who can fit the most grapes in their mouth and who can hold a stare longest. We’ll ride in the front seat of the fastest roller coaster and kiss right when they take your picture. He’ll teach me to fish, and I’ll teach him to shop. When I’m in a bad mood, he’ll buy me chocolate or just comb through my hair with his fingers, because he knows I love it. He would cry in front of me and not be afraid of what I’ll think. He’ll buy me a ring from a gumball machine, get down on one knee and say “baby, will you marry me?” When I cry, he’ll say, “who’s butt am I kicking?” He’ll tell me he loves me more than all the stars in the sky. He’ll say that he’ll love me forever, and I’ll believe him, because I know I’ll love him forever, too….but I know that one wish will /N/E/V/E/R/ come *TrUe*


” the end “

It’s in the eyes
Where truth can be told
Many things kept inside
Of the pain we hold.

It’s in the tears that fall
So silent, not heard
When we know we can’t speak
Through our own words.

It’s a raging war within ourselves
That keeps us withdrawn
When guilt builds clutter
Because love once felt is gone.

It’s found in her shaky voice
When she tries to explain
And he refuses to listen
What her heart contains.

But the harsh words
That he spews her way
She’s forced to hear
As he lowers her in the decay.

She said it’s all done
It’s over, the End.
And as much as it hurts
They can no longer pretend.

Once feelings have gone
And they won’t reappear
It’s time to move on..
To a life that’s sincere.


” nothing feels right ”

You left me bitter with love and life
Wondering if hope will come into sight.
I handed you my heart when it was whole
But you let it fall and shattered my soul.

Now there are pieces debating their thoughts
Some love you still….others don’t.
So a war rages, though the outcome is clear.
I can still love you but that won’t keep you here.

You promised your heart, when I looked away.
I’ll be in the aisle when she walks your way.
The I Do’s will be said, my forever gone.
My chance never came, never will come along.

Perfect timing turned away when I needed it most.
I sit and watch as all my open doors close.
The future is fading into a dim light
Because without you nothing feels right.


” too late for words ”

The words I said inside my head
Never made it to your heart
Though beautiful, they’re dead
From my mouth shall never part

The meaning could move mountains
Strip any layers of your doubt.
The belief in their own power
Made it hard, them not to shout.

Both our worlds could have changed
And heaven touched the earth,
But that fantasy has fallen
Before it even gave birth.

Found at hallmark’s forgotten verses
Are the thoughts I couldn’t say.
I wrote them down to keep them
But they knew they shouldn’t stay.

So into this place where heartache
Finds peace knowing it was heard
Are the notions and emotions
That I couldn’t put to words..


” i’ll never break ”

From the mightiest of all feelings found beyond deep within
This is my message… you will never break me! Never win!
Destroy all hope of happiness for the bond of love is taken
Arise shall I when a new day dawns, my eyes will awaken
Cursed by love as life is shaken inches away from being forsaken.

Taste the bitter sweet empathy as hopes & dreams turn to ashes
Night to day with haunted memories that forever flashes
Frequent screams to the world around as existence slowly crashes,
Pain infects our unknown depts I ride the road of harsh reality
Deceitful games played by life while edging closer to final fatality.

Tough times pollute stale air as feelings becomes too much to bare
Sneaking through tainted darkness with no one seemingly there,
Battle loves voice as it does what it pleases, just to make us feel small
If you cut me I bleed, even scratch me I mark, but if you push me I fall
I’ll arise again even if I drown because nothing will ever keep me down!

Take everything that’s possible still leave me with nothing at all
Breaking my body even lay sharp nails seemingly enhancing the fall
I’ll always get up and continue the fight for loves true call,
So from the mightiest of all feelings found beyond deep within
This is my message… you will never break me! You will never win!

” because i’m a girl ”

It’s so hard to describe how i feel
but with a pen and a paper this is how to deal
Sometimes I feel so lost
Always thought,no matter what
I could reach out to you
But, your not there, when I do
So confused and lonely
Remember when you said ” your my one and only”?
Feels as if the world isn’t going as fast
Whenever I think about our past
Memories and meaningful words filming through my mind
But now your far away. is this a sign?
Are we no longer meant to be?
is it now UN-able to be you and me?
It still feels as if your in a different world
I still love you though just because I am a girl.


” the blame game ”
I cant believe that you went and did,
What you went and did to me,
For I loved you, I loved you, I love you,
There’s no way you could ever disagree

Go on, continue placing all blame on me
Of course this couldn’t be because of you
What happened to the perfect love we shared?
Why is it our hearts we no longer value?

I Value you and your heart so much,
And all the memories we made in this life,
I mean, I had even planned ahead,
To when I’d be your husband, you’d be my wife

Tell me what happened to this perfect love
Why did we have to break it all apart?
Thought that we were meant to be forever
Yet I’m now holding my shattered heart

How could our love have been perfect?
When I saw you turn to another man,
And I saw him in your eyes when I looked at you,
Hun, I tried everything I possibly can

Always trying so hard at everything
So what else could I possibly do?
Turned away cause you didn’t pay attention
So baby I guess we were both untrue

Now you still want me to be with you,
When I’m no longer the man you see,
Did he do a better job at loving you,
Is that why he’s been replacing me?

Looks like this will end with goodbye
Tears, lies and a world full of pain
If only things could be so different
If only we weren’t playing this blame game


” a story of from the heart ”

I once heard a story straight from the heart
About a girl and how her world began to fall apart
It all started when she met the boy that made her life complete
Just thinking of him made her heart skip a beat
They were the couple everyone wanted to be
There were no imperfections as either one could see
As the weeks passed they fell more in love and were less aware
Of how often life turns out to be unfair
Until one day she finally gave in
She realized there was no way she could win
She said I’m sorry but i have to let you go
As he reached for her hand she pulled away whispering no
When she turned around a tear slid down her cheek
He just stood there speechless, forgetting how to speak
The next few days were the hardest at home
She truly felt she was all alone
Her mom pushed in her face how she had won
Her dad said “i knew he was just another one”
Her sister said “come on you’ll be ok”
And her brother just tried to stay away
At school it was like her friends weren’t even there
None of them seemed to really care
Her life had no more color, just black and white
Even getting out of bed turned into a fight
Despite their tries things just weren’t like before
Then he decided “i don’t wanna try anymore”
At that she tried to cut him out
But the more she ignored him the more her feelings began to shout
When she saw him that day she could no longer just walk by
And before she knew it her mouth opened up and out came “hi”
He looked up and said “so now we’re talking?”
She just smiled and join his walking
Everyday they talked a little more
And everyday she began to like him a little less then before
As the months passed by she became more and more aware
About how its ok life’s unfair
Because eventually everything becomes your past
But your memories will always last
And with that i hope you see
Not all love is meant to be
But hold on and don’t give in
Stand tall, hold up your chin
And believe me when i say
The right one will come one day
He’ll open your eyes to things you couldn’t ever see
I know this because..this is a story all about me…


” i still ”

I still miss you…
But not like I did before.
The intense aching I felt,
Isn’t there anymore.

I still whisper your name…
Not as often as I used to.
Now it may be once,
Before the day is through.

I still hear your voice…
Replaying in my mind.
But it’s fading now,
Soon silence I will find.

I still long for you…
To feel your touch.
But it’s not like before,
I don’t dream it as much.

I still think about you…
And wonder how you are.
But my feelings have changed,
And they don’t go as far.

I still feel you sometimes…
Maybe you’re thinking of me?
Or maybe it’s just a little memory,
Of how it used to be.

I still love you…
But it’s just not as strong.
Because I’m letting you go now,
So we can both move on.

I still hear you say…
No one will love me like you do.
That’s so hard to believe now,
After the hurt you put me through.

You still have a piece of my heart..
Because I always felt you here.
Now, I’m hoping and praying,
That, that too, will quickly disappear.

This will be my last goodbye..
I’ve nothing else to say.
Everything I felt for you,
Can now just fade away.


” lying to forget ”

This lie’s become a part of me
For months, I’ve played this game
Acting like it doesn’t hurt
Each time I hear his name

Ignoring what’s inside of me
Pretending I’ve moved on
As if the feelings I once had
For him are somehow gone

Spending each and every day
With happiness and laughs
Forgetting all our memories
Avoiding photographs

But last night when I saw him
For the first time since he left
My heart stopped for a moment…
I couldn’t catch my breath

When suddenly it hit me
As the tears started to flow
That even after all this time…
I just can’t let him go


” picture in a frame ”

Your pictures are in frames, memories on my wall,
To have you here again, I would give them all.
A picture cannot capture, the beauty of your skin,
Or the radiating glow I’d feel, whenever you would grin.
They cannot talk or sing to me, the way you used to do,
I’ll never love another, the way that I love you.

So I look at you my soul mate, a picture in a frame,
I cry my tears of sorrow, cause I feel God’s to blame.
He came and took the one, who made my life complete,
And all that’s left are pictures, and an empty seat.
I also have a feeling down, deep within my heart,
It’s the pain of loneliness, since we’ve been apart.

I try not to let the grief, just overcome my day,
I’ll blow a kiss to heaven and send it when I pray.
I’ll ask God to free me now, from a world so blue,
To take me up to Paradise, so I can fly with you.
I’m waiting for the day you come, calling out my name,
Until then I’ll be staring at, your picture in a frame.


” broken ”

Broken hearts, love’s deceit,
pieces fall down to my feet.
Broken promises, love’s a lie,
puddles form from tears I cry.
Broken dreams, love’s illusion,
sorrowed cause of your intrusion.
Broken hope, love’s a game,
doesn’t last, ends the same.
Broken sleep, love’s the cause,
digs at me with sharpened claws.
Broken spirit, love of sorrow,
stolen now is my tomorrow.
Broken life, love is lost,
Broken now and that’s the cost.


” so kill me ”

So kiss me like you did,
My heart stopped beating.

So love me like you did,
The memories are fleeting.

So hold me like you did,
I promise not to go,

So have me like you did,
Digging deep below.

So hide me like you did,
Take away my presence.

So leave me like you did,
Evacuate my essence.

So hate me like you did,
Don’t clot my endless bleeding.

So kill me like you did,
My heart stopped beating.


” black roses ”

Each and every empty night, for mercy I plead
As darkness invited me, grabbed me
Took me to my valley of grief

……….Black roses blossom
……….They touched me and I followed

Glorious sadness waited for me, like a thief
To defeat me, rob me over again
Once again, I was hallow…
But this was the last time
Oh, I knew…

And now, these black roses enfolding me,
Hiding me from my love
Ever so flawlessly

……….But don’t cry,
Oh, don’t cry for me baby

Those thorns don’t hurt me anymore
As they blossom on my grave
Ever so graciously

……….But don’t cry,
Oh, don’t cry for me baby

I will never let you go
Your memories carved into my soul
Ever so deeply

Each and every lonely night, for your love I cried
As fate drew the night across my eye
Bathed me in my tears of love

……….Black roses blossom
……….They touched me and I followed

My demons drove past the back roads of my mind
To hold me, lead me to my end over again,
Once again, I was dying…
But this was the last time
Oh, I knew…

And now, these black roses enfolding me,
Hiding me from my love
Ever so flawlessly

……….But don’t cry,
Oh, don’t cry for me baby

Those thorns don’t hurt me anymore
As they blossom on my grave
Ever so graciously

……….But don’t cry,
Oh, don’t cry for me baby

I will never let you go
Your memories carved into my soul
Ever so deeply


” what i want, i never get ”

I can’t believe how Long its taken,
Or how we got here.
Ive loved you since forever,
Yet only for 4 year.

I want our lips to touch,
And our hands to hold.
I want to feel your body,
Comfort me when i am cold.

I want to kiss in public,
And not to be afraid.
I want to live together,
In a home that we have made.

In the morning when we wake,
I want to see you smile.
Tell me that you love me,
And that its all worth while.

I don’t want empty words,
Or you to tell me lies.
I might seem vunerable,
But deep down i am wise.

My only dream i wish,
Is that someday it shall come true.
That you will love me,
As much as i love you.


” if i can ”

Another turn in life,
More falling tears,
Numbness is setting in,
With thousands of more fears.

I’m on my knees on the floor,
Screaming out, why me?
It just won’t stop,
It won’t set me free.

My heart is drenched in agony,
Surrounding me inside,
Washing away my confidence,
Washing away my pride.

Piercing yet another wound,
Un-cleansed it will remain,
Shattered and withered,
Ravished with powering pain.

Overtaking my body,
My happiness got stolen away,
So long ago with my child hood,
When it was no longer ok.

That is when I died inside,
Lost who I was before,
I stopped searching,
When I couldn’t anymore.

And stopped asking questions,
When the answers were never found,
And almost stopped breathing,
To lie six feet underground.

Started to give up,
Because everything seemed to die,
I couldn’t see through to the other side,
Through the tears I’d cry.

Stuck in a dark place,
Trapped inside me,
I’m locked in an essence,
And it won’t set me free.

And as I wait for the day,
I’ll try to remain strong,
But I don’t know if I can be,
Because everything is gone.



12 thoughts on “heart break poems

  1. these poems are really good….
    i am doing a poetry project on heartbreak of many different reasons, but these didn’t have who the poems were written by… But i do have to say these were really good for anyone who is going through a heartbreak time….
    Thanks for inspiring me to write poems about/for people who are going through a hard time!!!

  2. like all these poems explains a lot about my life at the moment!! They are all very good!!
    Samantha Lynn Polak

  3. i loved your poems i am thinking of getting one of them as a tattoo for everyday reminding on how much it hurts waking up if anything your poems have given me the edge i was looking for

  4. Take me back to that night
    The one that made my life feel right
    His soft lips on my chest
    My body was left to rest
    Dreaming of that day
    Does he really feel the same way?
    Back to the room in that place
    I can see your face
    You told me not to talk
    The room was too tiny to even walk
    All I wanted was you by my side
    I really thought that my head had lied
    Why do I like you so much?
    This isn’t the normal crush
    My breath is taken with every thought
    This feeling I could have never fought
    You are all I need forever after
    These feelings give everyone else laughter
    They have never seen me like this
    Never seen me want just one precious kiss
    Never thought that I’d be crazy wanting more
    Just wanting to be back behind that door
    Two of us cuddling together
    Something my friends could never weather
    All I want is to be with you
    But there is nothing I can do
    You don’t live very close
    But its you that I want most

  5. has any one els ever had a hopless love???

    cuz i love one man that hates me in return i never evn got to tell him my feelings befor he started making fun of me 😦 so he left some wer i do kno kno
    and one gloreous day a met a man that saved my life yet i cant give him my heart cuz the other STOLE it i want more than any thing to give him my heart yet cant :.(…..,

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